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Luftwaffe 2009

Special Operations Forces (SOF) play an increasingly significant role within the armed forces of almost all NATO Countries as an inevitable response to the threats of the 21st century. For understandable reasons you will find a very reserved media coverage on SOF - even in professional military publications - adding to the mysterious touch it already has. SOF of various NATO countries are partially looking back on a long tradition and are training and operating under national command.
Against the background of current requirements for NATO as a military alliance an urgent need for coordination emerged especially since SOFs from different nations operate side by side against terrorism for example in Afghanistan. Reasons enough for the NATO SOF Transformation Initiative at NATO HQ in Mons to establish a NATO SOF Coordination Centre NSCC, achieving Full Operational Capability at the end of 2008.

- Lieutnant General Klaus-Peter Stieglitz, Chief of Staff, Luftwaffe
  Our Overarching Aim: Improving Operational Readiness across the Entire Military Capability Profile

- LtCol (GS) Andreas Korb, Assistant Branch Chief Air Staff III 3
  Luftwaffe in Operations
- LtCol (GS) Frank Gräfe, Assistant Branch Chief Air Staff III 5 / LtCol (GS) Andreas Korb, Assistant Branch Chief Air Staff III 3
  Air Policing
- German Air and Missile Defence Capabilities
- LtCol (GS) Gernot Morbach, Assistant Branch Chief Air Staff III 6 / LtCol Markus Steiner, "Employment of Ground-Based Assets" branch within the German Air Force Command
  Tactical Air Command and Control in Deployed Operations
- LtCol (GS) Frank Tismer, Assistant Branch Chief Air Staff III 5
  Joint Fire Support
- LtCol (GS) Christian John, Assistant Branch Chief Air Staff III 5e
  The FMOD´s Special Air Mission Wing in Transition
- Colonel Dr. Wolfgang M. Krause, German Air Force Command
  The Aeromedical Challenge in the Rescue Chain
- LtCol (GS) Andreas Noeske, Assistant Chief of Air Staff Branch III 1, Federal Ministry of Defence / LtCol (GS) Michael Jäger, Assistant Chief of Section 1 of the German Air Force Development Centre, German Air Force Office and   Project Lead GAF SSA Centre
  En Route to Space Situational Awareness
- LtCol (GS) Martin Schulz, German Air Force Command A 5
  A Capability-Based Approach to the GAF's Roadmap to UAV
- LtCol Peter Schnell, 9th Reconnaissance Wing, Beale AFB
  EURO HAWK: The First Steps Are Being Taken
- Colonel (GS) Michael Traut, German Air Force Command / LtCol (GS) Jörg Rauber, Assistant Branch Chief Air Staff III 1
  Development in the Luftwaffe
- LtCol (GS) Erik Voigt, M.A. in Political Science and Social Science, Assistant Branch Chief Air Staff II 1 / LtCol Bernd Jungkunz, Electronics Engineer, Assistant Branch Chief Air Staff II 1
  Cooperative Facilities for Aircraft Maintenance and System Support
- LtCol (GS) Dietmar Rolf Hinze, Assistant Branch Chief Air Staff I 4
  German Air Force Structure 2010

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